5 Reasons You Must Photograph Your Kids

We are all aware that most children believe that taking photos tend to be lame. They think it’s a waste of time to pose, whether alone or with other individuals, just to find out what they looked like. But what they don’t understand is that they won’t stay little forever, and sometimes, pictures help us remember the awesome days of when they were little.

Here are five main reasons why you have to take photographs of your kids:

1. They Grow Fast – Kids grow up too fast. One minute they’re crawling, and then the next, they’re running off to get married. Okay, so that was a bit extreme, but you know what I’m talking about. I’m a mother of two and already my kids are school. I don’t get to see them all day like I used to. So taking pictures will help me remember my babies, when I age and can’t remember a single thing.

2. Cherish Their Baby Years – As we grow older we tend to forget things. What’s most important is that we will want to remember things as they are. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to when my kids were toddlers running around it their diapers. I really had a lot of fun. Looking back on those pictures, I can relive the wonderful memories. Until recently, the only way to have pictures was to develop film rolls. Digital cameras are the new way to take pictures. They make it easy to shoot photos and the storage is even easier.

3. Making Memories – Even as they grow, taking pictures of them help create memories. While playing in the park, I’ll take my camera out and take a quick picture of them playing. I can always look back at this one picture and remember an entire day’s worth of laughter and fun.

4. Record Funny Moments – This one is pretty easy. I want to catch them doing something weird or when they’re making silly faces. These pictures are the best because we always laugh about how silly they were doing that special thing they do. They’re cute, no matter how strange they are. Like when you’re playing charades. Have the camera ready just in case they do something funny.

5. Embarrass Them – This is most likely going to be the most popular situation to carry out when they grow up and leave the nest. Whenever their partner comes to visit, I will present to them embarrassing images of goofy activities they did as teenagers. Showing them pictures of their booty will certainly work the best. I know it will. It truly is nice to see their faces turning beet red like a tomato. My mom did that to me. I have to support tradition.

I have listed a few good reasons to take snap shots of your kids. There are a lot more which I’m confident I didn’t think of. However, when it comes down to it, in case you never take pictures of the essential moments while they’re maturing, you might regret it and it will be too late. They get older so quickly. Don’t let time beat you to the punch. Make sure you capture what memories you can.