A Window Look of Single parents

Now single parents have gained great popularity also being accorded acceptance through out. In the olden era single parents were entirely left to mend for themselves and were expected bring up their children.

Federal Government along with other Popular Governments, recognize and accord their acceptance, to fast spreading single parent trend through out the universe.

Single parents can be seen any where or every where through out world.

A Lady traveling by using public transport like buses and may be seated next to you or assisting you at provision store or receptions of small and big establishments may be a single parent working strenuously for earning a living and meeting the expenses to bring up her child without any one’s supportive hand or cooperation.

Single Parents & Government Benefit Schemes:

The Governments have provided in their popular manifesto and thus are looked at to honor their commitment to public of state they govern. Government is needed to provide protection for weaker sections equally without any discrimination of caste or creed.

In light of above single parents enjoy equal status and benefits set aside for them similar to those available to other class of parents/ single independent identities.

As a reference most of the Governments through out world without exception follow well established and accepted model of US Government for providing monetary benefits to single parents.

Government’s Supportive plans regarding providing monetary help for children born to single parents for considering the eligibility and applied by many Governments through out the universe.

Eligibility Constraints of Single Parents:

Main assumption is that single parents accept their responsibility in bringing up their children, by doing so they feel financially handicapped, for which they work hard. Now a days bringing up children is extremely difficult, because there is indifference of society towards single parents.

Financial Assistance Guidelines & Road Blocks:

U.S. Government has devised their monetary assistance scheme in such a way that not a single parent gets completely benefited or complies with rigid eligibility norms for getting monetary benefits under such scheme.

To achieve the set eligibility criteria to get monetary benefits they should comply with all the specified conditions mentioned below:

Single parent’s children should be below the age of Eighteen years and such child shall get subsidy or single parent shall be provided Government’s monetary help until the children achieve Eighteen years age. A rigid check is exercised and enquiries made from a number of sources to verify the correctness.

The basic criteria are that single parent necessarily is divorced or second parent is dead or gravely injured with a handicap or disability. In such eventuality the assumption is that the condition of monetary backing to child is missing. Verifying above facts Government agrees and accepts its financing obligation, thus grants monetary support.

The alternative situation to grant monetary help is if child gets abandoned for period of one year in continuation. In such a situation the abandoning incident is confirmed for truth.

In situations where the one of Parent gets imprisoned it also becomes an eligibility of monetary benefits or child’s birth relates to a period the parent was unmarried in other words child was born without formal legal marriage of the parent.

In one more situation, there is no identification of the parent. Now such cases are increasing very fast.

Another important point worth making a note of by single parents regarding the situations under which no monetary benefits are admissible to them:

A situation, when child gets deprived of the benefits i.e. child happens to be legal heir to an estate or eligible for getting pension scheme or similar benefit single parent or both parents are eligible to avail.

Single Parent is eligible to get in addition to handicap benefits as a result of being self disabled or having children to support.

Child living under Supervision:

In case child lives under, a careful foster parent or taking services of supervision through daycare center.

In situation of child at present brought up with support single parent’s present partner or any other arranged partner. Such arrangements find coverage under common-law marriage shall become eligible under such an option.

Defrauding Single Parents:

Single parent becomes eligible to benefit of getting public pension advantages

As a consequence submitting monetary assistance application by single parents works out to be a difficult affair. It needs to be kept in mind that these tuff preconditions need to be practiced, to discourage fraudulent abnormal steps by untrustworthy persons, who in collusion with a single parent project single parent in such a fabricated manner to illegitimately attempt to corner privileges and money.