Authoritarian Parenting

The Authoritarian Parenting Style

The authoritarian parenting style often gets confused with authoritative parenting, but they are very different.

The parents that exhibit authoritarian parenting are the most strict. I see these folks all the time… communicating by giving out orders to their kids — controlling. Control is a key aspect of this type of parenting.

“Do this or get punished” is a good way to put it. Explanations

as towhy are not usually there. The expectation of the parent is that they child is behaving if he/she is doing as they are told, conforming.

Those that parent this way can be considered demanding and, usually, not very responsive to the child’s communication if they are not doing as directed; they seek parenting control. These parents are almost opposites to those using permissive parenting.

These parents are more likely to equate “obedience” with being a “good child,” and while there can be varying degrees to the sternness of these parents, they are generally thought to be very strict.

They often have high expectations for achieving. There isn’t much room for trial and error, which can be key to a child learning small, powerful lessons on their own.

Punishment versus behavior modification is usually very accepted as a tool in child-rearing by these parents.

Have you seen parents like this? Have you seen the kids? I can see how children that are raised in this type of environment might have difficulty making up their OWN minds later in life since they’ve always been told what to do; they’ve never had to (been able to) figure things out for themselves.