Authoritative Parenting

The Authoritative Parenting Style


In authoritarian parenting, limits, or boundaries are set just like they are in authoritative parenting. But those who are authoritative tend to do less dictating of what needs to happen, less “talking at” the children.

It is demonstrated by those who set ground rules and clear expectations, but are much more apt to listen to their children and involve them in some of the decisions. Two-way communication is seen here. This method is supportive and assertive, but not overly controlling.

Parents might have limitations, communicate them to the child, and then recognize when the limitations are firm, or when they can be adjusted. These parents often discuss individual situations with the child. Many times, the parent will allow the child to get involved in helping to come up with a win-win.

What do you think involving the child in determining these outcomes has on a child??

According to Baumrind, who compiled the original studies in this area, (see sources listed on the Parenting Styles Page ), people who parent this way usually find that their children are generally happier, more able to make independent decisions, more socially confident, and generally better adjusted long-term.