Baby Shower

All About Baby Showers

Baby showers are held all over the world to celebrate the arrival of a new life into the family where family members and friends gather together and raise a toast to the expecting mother. Traditionally, a baby shower is held only for the mother-to-be, and only women attend but over time even men are invited. While it was once conventional that only the first baby had a shower, we now have showers for subsequent babies or adopted children too as every baby is special. There is no apt time for a baby shower but its mostly scheduled for the last trimester of pregnancy. There is great variance in practices and beliefs of baby showers. Some people prefer to hold showers after the birth of the baby, either due to cultural belief or to be sure of the gender of the baby. In this case there may be a tendency for the baby shower to be more focused on the baby and lesser on the mother and the mother’s preparation for the new baby.

Baby shower is where a lot of information is exchanged and advice is rendered to the expecting mother regarding pregnancy care and delivery skills by experienced relatives and friends. It’s a time to soothe away any fear or apprehension regarding weight gain and delivery troubles.
The baby shower is hosted by close friends or family members as a gift to the expecting mother or couple, and has undergone various transformations over a period of time. Today baby showers are based on particular themes and all related activities ranging from invitation cards to games are derived from the theme.

There is no specific location to host the party; any venue which has ample room for a fair number of guests and has a good ambience would be apt. Many showers are even thrown at home to create a warm family atmosphere. Lots of fun games are included to lighten up the mood and to add a pinch of humor. Some classic baby shower games are baby shower bingo, guess the birth date, guess the expectant mother’s girth, guess the baby food flavor and an assortment of other innovate fun games. The best gifts for the shower would be newborn-related gifts that can be valuable for new mother-to-be. Anything from diapers, bottles, rags, clothes and toys are typical and common gifts.

Today diverse ideas for baby showers are available online, be it themes, games or even gift ideas. So go ahead and host an unforgettable shower after exploring a range of delightful options.