Baby Signs – What They Mean

Signs that your infant loves you

Have you caught your baby staring at you intimately, looking deep into you with an intense gaze this is one of the primary signs that your baby loves you. Every baby can recognize the smell, voice and face of its mother and feels reassured when she is around. In fact research has shown that in the first five days after birth, your baby will recognize your scent. As you breast feed; the baby recognizes who to cry to for food, so when your baby cries to you it means that you are the only one who can fulfill its needs. Babies have the capacity to form tight bonds with any caregiver who responds to their physical and emotional needs. Attachment theory — the guiding psychological principle of human relationships — says that humans from birth become deeply connected with others who provide a sense of security and support.

When you praise your little one saying “good baby”; it knows and responds with a smile. Your baby loves you and sends out a siren when you leave the room and bounces with glee when you come near it; after all, your baby’s world totally revolves around you. Babies smile, coo and lift their hands up to people they love. Many babies adore being held right from the start, but it takes about six months until they have the physical and cognitive abilities to ask for a lift-me-up. It’s a body-language expression of how much they’ve come to trust and adore their parents. And its more than enough to make your eyes wet with love and emotion.

The bond between the mother and child form right from the womb. A pregnant mom is overloaded with powerful mommy hormones which lay the groundwork for the connection between baby and mother. These kick in during pregnancy and grow stronger as the weeks go by. The baby is also developing a bond with you in the womb. Studies show that its heart will beat a little faster at the sound of your voice. It’s something that will excite and comfort your child now and for years to come.

The parent child bond is one of the most intense bonds formed by nature. A baby knows that it feels love and comfort when you are around so when your baby stares at you it means that it is trying to find a face for it.