Baby Skin Care

Caring For Your Baby’s Skin

As compared to the adult skin, a baby’s skin is thinner, more delicate and less oily. The skin of a baby produces lesser melanin, the substance which helps in preventing sunburn. The babies fail to sweat efficiently as compared to the adults hence; it is difficult for the baby to maintain their inner body temperature. In the initial few weeks after birth, the baby shall preserve some of the maternal hormones which may result in numerous minor skin conditions which shall generally disappear rapidly. There are several other skin conditions which are common during childhood. The skin of a newborn takes some time to adapt to the external world and to develop its own protective qualities. Hence, proper care should be taken of the baby skin, to prevent several skin conditions.

Below are mentioned a few tips to take care of your baby’s skin:

Only water is to be used, at least for the first month, to cleanse the baby’s skin. Avoid using creams, wipes or any washes. By doing so you baby shall get time to build up their skin’s protective wall which shall protect them from allergens. In case of premature babies it is advisable to extend this regime for one more month as their skin shall require some additional time to develop.
Use lukewarm water to bathe your baby and avoid rubbing the skin dry. Rubbing the skin dry can lead to dehydration and can also prevent the skin from developing. The skin should be dabbed.
You baby needs only two or three baths a week.
Use only natural or organic washes and wipes. They should not contain perfumes, alcohol or any other chemicals which can take away the natural defenses of the baby and can irritate the skin. Avoid anything which produces a lather or bubble as it shall dry the skin.
A natural, non-bio washing powder and fabric softener should be used to wash your baby’s clothes and bed sheets. As there are chances that the clothes of the baby and the bed sheets too can irritate the sensitive skin of the baby when it comes in contact.
Until the age of one, shampoo is not required to wash the hair of your baby. You can use plain water.
To moisturize the skin of your baby, you can use a simple emollient cream, natural massage oil or plain barrier cream when required.
The diapers must be changed immediately when they are wet or soiled.
Great care should be taken of the baby’s skin as it is very sensitive and delicate. All the above mentioned tips shall help in effective care of the baby’s skin.