Baby Sleeping Habits

When Can I Let My Baby Sleep Alone?

The Western child-raising patterns and the Eastern traditions differ. In the Western child-raising patterns, it is generally recommended that the child sleeps alone from birth, while the Eastern tradition recommends that a small child needs to sleep with the parents. It is advisable to let the baby sleep with the parents for at least the first six months so that the child can be monitored, the child can start feeling secure and it shall also be easy for the mother to breast feed the child. Later when the child is made to sleep alone, the parents can use the baby monitor which shall help in monitoring the child.

It is a major decision for the parents to decide and allow the child to sleep alone. Children above the age of two should be motivated to sleep alone so that they develop confidence and become independent. Allowing the baby to sleep alone too early can deprive the baby of the much needed physical proximity which initially offers a secure and a happy environment to the baby.

When Should You Make Your Baby Sleep Alone

To allow the child to sleep alone, the child must feel secure enough. When it is felt that the child’s sense of security is well established then, the parents can let the baby sleep alone else, allowing the child to sleep alone can be postponed. To enhance the security of the child, parents can place the child’s most beloved dolls, towels, small blankets and other items on the bed so as to accompany the child to sleep peacefully. Only when the child feels secure even in the absence of the parents, can the child sleep peacefully.

The baby should not be allowed to sleep alone till the baby can sleep through the night, or most part of the night. As, the babies find it difficult to sleep throughout the night especially during their first few months, where they wake up crying in the middle of the night.

In case your baby suffers from some disease or cause of infant fatality then you should certainly think twice before letting your child sleep alone in a separate room. Newborn babies are not designed to sleep alone as they breathe in irregular rhythms and even at times arrest breathing for a few seconds.

Each and every child is a different person with individual qualities. What may be apt for one child, may not be apt for the other. Hence, only when you are confident that your child is prepared to sleep alone then can you let your child sleep alone. In case you feel that your child is still not prepared then you can further delay allowing your child to sleep alone. There is no fixed age recommended when the baby should be allowed to sleep alone.