Black Single Parent

The Past & Present Scenario:

It was long back a single parent received disrespect openly and was criticized for their actions were subjected to scorn and humility. Now a sea change has taken place in the public attitudes and responses to wards single parent. There is virtually no distinction between a single parent or husband-wife parent.

It is fortunate that because of federal laws in force single/ divorcee parent get at par treatment with other parent, besides there are certain human considerations for the hardships such parent encounter to shoulder the responsibility of growing and educating their children to lead an independent life and struggle bravely the onslaught of miseries of life, which any one can face.

The privileged allowances are applicable equally for white single parent being legitimate citizens in America. Any program established for helping single parent considering their difficulties are equally applicable for all single parent irrespective of their ethnicity.

Attitude & Responses of State:

In state of Arkansa, single parent gets enrolled free and get stipend also for education scholarship, to make them suitable to get a decent job to become financially independent and live their life with dignity instead of facing down grade by society.  They behave and act with great responsibility. The underlying thought, behind such programs is if a child of a single parent gets good education, he shall be good citizen and a valuable asset to the Nation.

A preferential Status:

Family is a place of learning and every activity begin in family nurtured to perfection. People of Arkansa state strongly feel that a house hold run by  single black parent is equally competent  to run a peace loving  flourishing family and as good as run by presence of father and mother in family.

Black jobless single parent gets preferential support from local government in providing her a suitable job in vicinity of her residence to enable them to earn a living respectfully and manage house hold affairs conveniently.

A gesture by local government provides financial assistance, to the single parent.  Also a help to him/her in meeting her household expenses till a job is fixed for them. There are also options for Single female parent to work at home so have a quality time at home at their disposal rearing the small children. With popularity of internet and its expansion in the life of all citizens, it is possible for single parent to earn through the medium of  internet by providing services to small businesses who find it economical to out source a help instead of having a force of regular employees.

Immense Opportunities on Internet:

With existence of great internet shopping avenues doing business on internet earning billion of dollars, it is possible for single parent to compete with them and share the internet business platform by offering to the internet users her own products or services and share the internet billions of dollars fortune.

The potential is there for single parent to work on variety of assignments like a secretary on internet, unique write up provider, forum comment postings of live experiences for which a modest earning is available, or start marketing as affiliates or clicking the advertisements. These are variety of legally available assignments on internet with good monetary returns without upfront investments as in other traditional business. The basic requirement is to check the authenticity of business model being offered at internet. Before beginning on line verification is can be done from Securities exchange Commission regarding legitimate status of various agencies involved in relation to the business one is associating.

Constructive Approach to Prevent Split:

Managing Household is taught to single parent and she gets guidance from a group of specialized counselors participating in the program organized considering benefits to single parent, which proves useful to improve their talents and practice them in their household to benefit from teachings.

Efforts are made to play a constructive role in the beginning of problem appearing on surface leading to creation of single parent by counseling to would be single parent for creating harmonious atmosphere for their relations reinforcement and thus preventing the split in other words increasing the bond between to individuals making them forget the idea of splitting and behave like becoming responsible mom dad couple.

The counseling agencies promise support to single parent to resolve her difficulties at all times, whether she chooses to remain together bonded or split to be single parent. These agency members provide a good listening service to affected person about confidential stories, unfound fears and help her with professional guidance needed, gets an opportunity to clarify doubts, on basis of which they are making harsh decisions affecting their innocent children. It happens like sharing personal information with friendly agency, which is ready to help in any situation and enjoys a high level of confidence and ability to influence decisions.

Single parent should positively avail at least one opportunity, which local government provides in their personal interest and benefit. It is very difficult to make a claim of growing their children without help or support. The single parent considering all aspects should always give acceptance to the plans devised by Local Government Agency to save the split and accompanied hardships. Help offered is highly professional in the interest of family union for their better prospects not to be skipped riding on the self pride. Remember the phrase “pride hath a fall” as an after effect present pride has bitter taste of future in store, which is avoidable.