Bottle feeding Your Baby

Bottle feeding Your Baby – How And When

Ideally, bottle feeding is not recommended for a child. Breast feeding is the best option. There are several hazardous effects given rise because of bottle feeding. Bottle feeding can give rise to infections like acute gastroenteritis or to repeated diarrhea. The mother who selects to bottle fed her child because of certain situations should ensure healthy and hygienic steps for bottle feeding her child. Initially the mother needs to bottle feed her child once in every two to three hours or when the baby appears to be hungry. The baby shall mostly consume 30 – 90 ml per feed till the baby attains a weight of 4.5 kgs. The mother must refrain from feeding the baby more than what she desires.

Sterilizing The Feeding Bottle

While bottle feeding the child great care should be taken to avoid contracting any infection to the child. The bottle, cover and teats should be washed and sterilized when they are first used and every time they are used. The bottle and nipples can be washed with salt to remove any grease. The bottle, cover and the teats can be boiled for minimum 10 minutes so as to sterilize them else a steam sterilizer or a microwave sterilizer can be used. Sterilizing solutions like Steriliq too is used for sterilization purpose. This solution is not dangerous for the baby.

Tips for Bottle Feeding

The mother should thoroughly wash her hands prior to preparing the feed.
Bottles which can be easily cleaned should be used. Avoid using bottles made from steel / silver.
Feeds must be prepared freshly.
Check the temperature of the feed prepared by you, prior to feeding your baby. The temperature should be adjusted as per the preference of your baby.
Discard any milk that is left in the bottle and do not reuse it as it may lead to bacterial contamination and diarrhea.
The size of the hole of the nipple should be appropriate. It should not be too large that it leads to choking of the baby nor should it be so small that the baby gets exhausted sucking the nipple.
As there is a large amount of air been swallowed by the baby while feeding hence, the baby should be burped during and after, a feed.
Position the on your lap with the head in your arm. The baby should be held at a slightly upright position. The mother can use a pillow or two to help hold her arm up. Bottle feeding can be done by anyone at any time to a baby.
Feeding the baby shall prove to be an enjoyable experience for both the mother and the baby. The mother should be aware regarding the proper positioning of the baby and the precautions that are to be taken while bottle feeding.