Nowadays, children behave differently than they did many years ago. This is why new ways of rearing a child are constantly being discovered. Child rearing method for every child is different. As a parent, this is something you should acknowledge. You have to be able to guide your child in every aspect of his life so that he may become a good person someday. In order to raise your child well, you need to know how to do it the modern way

  1. Never hit the children

20 years ago, sometimes children are given physical punishments (for example, by slapping the buttocks) when they do not behave the way they are expected to. However, they stayed quiet because they were not reactive. 10 years ago, children started to react to this punishment. Nowadays, if you use physical punishments on your children, they may rebel or worse, hate you. It will not solve problems but instead, worsen it.

2. Listen to them

Your children would love you to spend more time with them and listen to their stories. 20 years ago, parents do not listen to their children as much because there were boundaries between a child and his parents. 10 years ago, parents started to listen to their children more. So, try to position yourself as a friend to your children and listen to them so they know you care.

   3. Let them learn

20 years ago, children always accepted what their parents tell them. However, 10 years ago, children started to question what their parents tell them. Nowadays, as a parent, you should let your children learn but still guide them so that they do not fall in the wrong direction.

4. Be more flexible

20 years ago, parents had arguably the stronger position. Everything they say are deemed correct, so children should exactly what their parents tell them to. About 10 years ago, parents started to listen to their children more, but they were still the ones that decided the future of their children. Nowadays parents have become more flexible and let their children decide their own future.