My family calls me “the Witch”. I have a strange juxtaposition of allegiance to both allotropic (regular) medicine and alternative therapies. Don’t get me wrong – I love our doctors. In our family they’ve done an awesome job fixing broken bones, cleaning out burst appendixes, and keeping asthmatic children breathing.

But without meds our alternative practitioners have lowered triglycerides, cured chronic back, neck and arm pain, and fixed sciatica. Under their watchful eye, we’ve been poked, prodded, stimulated, manipulated and fed a variety of usually pleasant treatments.

As a result, when my Aspergers – and asthmatic — child shows signs of a cold, I combat it from at least two fronts. I use the nutritional and more “holistic” information I’ve gathered through the years to give his immune system a few boosts to fight the bug, and I hit his symptoms with good old western medicine drugs, because for him, I have to use everything at my disposal to keep a cold from going down into his chest and causing breathing problems.

There’s something about breathing that can’t be overrated.


Use a few of those landfill-stuffing anti-bacterial wipes that are so popular and wipe down surfaces. In addition to doorknobs and faucets, remember the keyboards, controllers, and remote controls. Look for fingerprints on doorjams and walls where kids keep touching the same places. Wipe down chair backs and fridge handles.

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