Consequences of Single Parenting:

Single parent encounters numerous consequences. Things are not as comfortable as visualized. Many concerns are rooted with single parent, few are good and others are worst. Every action has an end result. Since single parent poses as an abnormal existence by the social net work, there are prying eyes criticizing any activity.

There is a need of caution to be observed in  activities, which are fair and shall not affect the child to acquire bad traits. There has to be deep interaction and exchange of thoughts with the child to know what happens in his mind.

Single Parent a Subject of Gossip:

Because single parent becomes a hot topic to gossip about, single parent needs to be aware regarding the happenings around in the interest of child not getting affected. Most dangerous outcome faced by single parent affecting child’s declining character and emotional conflicts.

Support Strengthening:

With a weakened domestic support, child of single parent learns his differentiation as compared with other children, who get defense when needed and encouragement by both parents on a slight achievement. In such a situation if child is not adequately enquired regarding his outside experiences, the child begins believing him not at par with others, this can be a cause of feeling disturbed. In the capacity of parent it becomes necessary to assure the child he is very much like others and moreover absolutely normal child second to none.

The Accountability Factor:

Major accountability is shared by single parent. In reality parent is more specifically responsible in premature age of their child to look after all emotional and respect commanding needs of the child. The child has to be to be reminded what is need to maintain its good image and what will bring it down. The Personality of the child depends on what you teach him.

Being parent, you need to learn and always take care, how best care can be provided to child. Child needs to feel your presence steering progress of the child. Single parent should display efficiency and promptness in performing duty and discharging responsibilities.

Single parent needs to more near to child. Remaining more occupied in work for earning a living there shall be no time left to provide care to child creating a gap in the rather the rapport between you and child.

It is required for you to express your love for child since he yearns for affection. Being single parent there is need for more affection compensation for missing parent.

Difficulties in Single Parenting:

What seems is easy is not so, in light of fact that single parent needs to work to manage family expenses.  All this cannot be achieved by a single person.    You cannot be super efficient at all fronts some thing is going to suffer. Single parent although not hero of silver screen, but is very near to hero. They adopt simplicity and avoid complications to achieve maximum single handedly by organizing better in their lives.

Availability of plenty of time is main crisis for single parent.  The evident effect is no time left for child, most prominent suffering is having little time left to devote for child. Consequence is your not being near him physically and emotionally. In situation of absence of parent in and around living place, child loses value parent teaches and follow path of least resistance instead of working for achieving values which pose difficulties n their way.

With little time for devotion, children may not hold necessary respect for parent. Because of lack of time your absence on certain important occasions like child’s birthday celebration, Parent Teacher meeting, child’s performance at an event, which is swarmed parents of other children sharing joys and your child desperately missing you. A trouble is brewing, which can be saved by setting priority for your child.

An Idle Brain Devil’s Workshop:

The child has heavy work, when you do not spare yourself to meet kids needs, child starts looking at some thing else. An old saying comes true ‘An Idle Brain is Devils Work Shop’. In such a state child can drift towards drugs or other unsocial activities simply due to lack of supervision and guidance needed. In such a situation child tends to forget about parents.

Little Time & it’s Values:

The importance is not hours you spend, in company of your child.  Regularly spending little qualitative time with child matters most necessary. When you feel tired on arrival home after work, it can be relaxing as well as providing missing love and care to kid. Teach discipline matters, which shall make the child to face harsh world by support and strong parent’s values.

Your sacrifices and the values you build in the child shall help you hold great respect in the mind of the child, who shall be proud of having such a mother.