Corsets To Give You A Desirable Body Shape

costumes were traditionally worn to give a particular shape to a woman’s body and in the historical times, they were worm by both men and women. The men wore them to give the impression of the classic broad shoulders and narrowing waist while the women wore them for a thin waistline and a buxom bust. Nowadays, men hardly wear corsets anymore and those that we see on the catwalks of the famous fashion shows are also replicas of the original corsets. They resemble them in look and style but are not close enough to them in fittings. They come from the bust till the waistline and very rarely move over the hips.

This is because traditional corsets were very, very tight. Since bras were still not invented in the historical times, the corsets were used to hold the bust firmly and they became so tight at times that most women also fainted due to lack of oxygen. The lower parts of the lungs were unable to perform freely. They were also worn to shape one’s body type, to prevent the growth of any bulges in the body and to keep the waist very, very thin, below 20 inches or so. This is also known as strait lacing. Hence nowadays, these corsets are hardly worn but the style is very popular which can be seen the in tops and blouses. Corsets are also used for medical purposes but under the supervision of the doctor. Preferably, a corset only gives best results when they are custom fitted to the body.

So, you can too buy corsets if you want to look a particular way for a short period of time, but refrain from wearing it for a prolonged period if it is too tight.


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