The Hard Facts of Single Parent:

Real hard effect single parent suffers is the absence of strong emotional attachments of father or mother to child one complimenting other. The deficit in emotions increases manifold with the absence of father and declining ability of mother or habitual disinterest in fulfilling her obligations. Facing the realities the single parent psychology gets a beating of difficult times.

Single parent must be trying to adjust to the strains present by attempting compensation by taking over both mother daddy functions, or escaping society decries of missing partner’s help for grooming child. Mentally stress is great in such situations.

In true sense nothing helps in  saving  the situation rather the stress shall go on increasing day by day when extreme is reached result can be evidently seen in large proportion affecting the child’s behavioral responses reflecting adverse outcome.

Providing Emotional Support:

Single parent needs considering overall situation and find a way by which self behavior and self attitude towards affecting the emotional needs of child under care. A close look into circumstances and their effect shall reveal the child’s ever present bad temper and display of anger over normal situations is a consequence of negative approach of the single parent. It needs great careful introspection of self and rectification to save the worst situation.

Emerging Statistics:

Statistics confirm that children belonging to single-parent family are highly prone to symptoms of thinking in terms of destruction or rebellion towards society from whom they failed to get fair treatment or help in their formative age.

It is not merely because society strongly advocates for two-parent existence to balance negative with positive pulls, the parent shouldering custody responsibility suffers great guilt and over performs her role in concealing or covering up a grave matter noticed forgets extremely preoccupied in work to earn a livelihood with no time left to play a constructive role necessary for development of the child..

Further statistics reveal that in nearly 90% of changes in crime rate pertaining to period 1973 to 1995 the roots of which are associated in children having their linkage in single-family establishment or illegitimate children.

Validity of Interpretation of Statistics:

This actually is not a true statement holding validity in all the children of single parent origin however fact cannot be discredited that major crime reports are positively linked to single parenthood children. The crime rates indicate there is a definite linkage between the two.

In respect of Children born in two-parent  homes, which are not affected by single parent incidents, these children are also having potential to commit crimes, hence it needs to be considered that it is untrue that all the children of single parent origin are prone to criminal lifestyles.

Certainly the two-parent set-up establishes a type of balance in child’s psychology and better development. Similarly, it needs to be considered that children brought up in unhappy united home setup have a tendency towards acquiring a type of destructive activities.

Moral Support Need of the Hour:

In the case of single parent an effective action towards preventing its occurrence is by providing moral support to the child of your availability if the need be. Physically it is not required to be present or spend money simply to show you are caring. In your mind be clear that child’s good grooming stands high in order of other priorities.

Make it felt by the child of your affection for him or her and do not talk negativity of other parent of the child even in distressed situations created by the other parent.

In circumstances of trouble in establishing an emotional contact with child, express your sincere realization with your child who is in teens. If you cannot manage get a friendly counseling. If it is possible make some other person talk to your child in your presence, which shall boost child’s confidence and you can share the feelings and mutual understanding of the facts.

Remaining honest is basis of success for single parent setup. If there is state of confidence of open and honest discussion of feelings between child and parent it will be very rare that a revolt can take place.

There are situations making you feel guilty about your living as single parent and you may start realizing the state of rebellion in child is as a result of fault on your part. Self guilt increases the effects in great proportion and ill behavior shall further worsen instead of an expected improvement.

Positive Attitude Helps Tiding Over Crisis:

In its simplicity positive attitude can create wonders. Happily living family irrespective of two parents or single parent setup completes the definition of happy family. It is most important in achievement of the objective of well grooming of the child and keeping away from crime inclinations.