Crystal Engraved Awards – Elegance Personified

A shimmering cutwork of fine designs complemented with personalized accolades of success engraved on the surface. It is a trophy of success and achievement that many would love to showcase with pride. For many years there was only the use of metals like white silver, brass, copper and sterling silver in the making and designs of trophies and other awards like plaques. There was not only a restriction of design improvisations but also in terms of the existing designs. The introduction of Engraved Crystal helped to bring about a refreshing change in the sphere of awards. With a wide range of awards in terms of design and pattern variations one would be spoilt for choice. There is a new collection of engraved awards that would be a proud moment for the giver and the recipient.

Companies take the opportunity of several events to reward their employees occasionally. And there is nothing that works better than an attractive trophy to record this achievement. A wide range of collectibles from Engraved Awards in glass would mesmerize you for choice. There are exquisite cutwork designs in glass with customization options of engraving the name and year along with category of achievement of an employee. The designs come in various shapes like square and round in addition to figures and towers; each piece is inspired by a specific design that lends the shape of the basic structure. Engraved crystal will not only make for a beautiful award but will be one that can be an attractive display on one’s mantelpiece as well.

One of the advantages of engraved awards is their convenience of maintenance. For an individual who has received several awards these are easy to maintain, clean and preserve. Metallic awards tend to lose their color and luster after a while and even rust away with time. If you wish to be exclusive in your awards as an employer there is a designer range of engraved crystal awards and collectibles available that can be personalized for your employees. These are limited edition and will not be commonly available in the same designs.


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