Do You Have a Solid Parenting Plan?

Parenting today is far more difficult than it was a mere generation ago. Today, children require both firm boundaries AND gentle flexibility that teaches them how to make smart choices in the future. Though, if you are like most parents, you probably don’t know how to successfully provide your child with boundaries that work for both you and them.

You may nod your head in agreement, when I say it’s crazy we need a license to drive—to fish—yet, anyone who can give birth, marry someone with kids, or adopt a child is supposed to know how to parent well.

If you are blindly parenting without a solid plan—if you are experiencing the stress and frustration of rebellion, tantrums, disrespect or ingratitude—there is a much easier way.

I am here to tell you parenting your child doesn’t have to be this hard!

How You can Learn From My Mistakes and Experience a More Joyous and Peaceful Home!

Ten years ago I was literally in the parenting “deep end” with two boys who when they weren’t bouncing off the walls they were literally pounding on them! Oh yeah, and they were also both blind.

The dozens of parenting books I read seemed to contradict one another and only worked for short periods of time leaving me frustrated!

I needed something that wouldn’t just give me temporary parenting relief but ongoing relief! So I tried what seemed like everything. I used time-outs, I used consequences— heck, I even used force (once or twice)—but I only fell flat on my face. The discipline I tried with limited success eventually only seemed to make things worse!

The night one of the boys threw a plate at my head during dinner (thank goodness he had terrible aim) I knew there had to a better way.

Finally, I found the parenting solution I was looking for!

The great part was that after implementing these new parenting tools, not only did the boys respect and listen to me more, I genuinely liked me more too! So excited was I by the results, I went on to get my master’s in counseling psychology and became a family counselor to go on and share with thousands through my family counseling practice, workshops and radio and TV interviews.

Now, I have the pleasure of teaching an approach to parenting that brings out everyone’s best!

What moms like about the Ultimate Parent approach is that it is common sense which naturally guides children to:

Respect their parents,

To be helpful and caring,

And to be happy.