Effects Of Single Parenting On A Child

Liberation Fever:

Generation of present era is overwhelmed with liberation phenomenon all over, what is happening today has never happened to such a great magnitude in past or imagined by any one. The topic of discussion is single parenting good or bad.

As of now single parents have spread all over universe. It seems difficult to pin point it’s origin from the cultural or economic factors. Rich or poor, all are in the grip of this phenomenon.

Point of discussion for this moment is whether single Parenting good or bad. The response to such a query will be evidently unclear, some will say my preference is for single parenting and others will opt for mom/dad combination which the right definition of word Parent.

Experts are of the opinion that single parents do have bad effect over children.

Single Parenting a Good Effect on Child:

Actually there are few good effects as well as bad effect on children consequence to single parenting. Because single parent is looking after children themselves, they can greatly influence child as compared to Mom & Dad family.

Both Mom or Dad do not have equal level of education as well as IQ, they shall exert their combined negative and positive influence, the chances are child remains in a state of confusion, whom to accept as the authority to approach for suggesting right solution to their problem.

The beginning is made while considering good effect caused by Single Parenting. Single parents remain closer to child. Child shall look upon single parent only and they shall get 100 % of love and care from them. Children shall treat single parent with authority and respect.

It shall be convenient to single parent for drafting Rules of conduct for child and regularly monitor its application by child. Single parent shall remain in control of the situation, because there is none one else to influence child.

Closer Ties in Family:

The single parent’s child shall be having highly interactive relationship, nothing to hide from any one.


The communication and responses shall enjoy the highest rating. There shall be better sharing of information and relations shall be of the highest order.

The External Conflicts Single Parent Child Faces:

When you base your assumptions on the fact looking wonderful for single parent consideration of better relations with child, there are its drawbacks also, which does not actually produce good effect but shall put the situation out of balance.

There is no doubt about normal family, which comprises of mother and father. In single parent there is absence of one of the two i.e. mother or father, due to which the situation becomes abnormal. Society rates down an abnormal situation, child with such an environment may begin to feel he or she is abnormal affecting the mental balance of child.

Single Parent Child & His Normal Parent Friends:

A situation faced by child, when the age group friends start making various common jokes of child about single parent situation. He/she is under pressure to assume that single parent is not good making child putting blame on single parent for the situation. Child suffers gap in thinking about his or her parent very seriously difficult to fill the gap.

One more problem, which arises being result of single parent situation, is the lacking of father or mother figure in the family to provide care.  In such a situation child looks for some one, whose presence finds missing causing child behavior like a stub born, without caring for the single parent’s caring nature.

Child also begins feeling jealousy by observing other children in company of both parents. Child can behave in a manner expressing internal conflicts. Child can also look both parents on few unique occasions which normally require both parents together on father’s day or mother’s day.

Single Parent Lost in Own World:

Being single parent one is required to meet total monetary requirements of family requiring you for working to provide food and other necessities, in circumstances one gets no time left to devote for child to rectify a faltering attitude for better living. One faces difficulty getting time to teach them good ethics since one is most of time not available in house.

The problem is not concerning single parent, but the manner in which you nurture child and efforts you make keeping in mind good ethics child need to follow. The concern and efficiency you show while dealing the issues in early stage is of great importance in the capacity of parent irrespective of single or otherwise status.