Ehnic Single Parenting

Women Single Parents a Majority:

Women comprise 90 % Single Parents population, 32 % of which belong to black families having depending children as per the 1995 statistics. In comparison only 8 % belong to white families and 7 % are South Asian families.

Among the black single parents 50 %  of them are of the age group  30 or more being the solely livelihood earners maintaining their independent household as compared with South Asian women the scene is of 1 in 10 households. These comparative accounts suggest very precise differentiation among Black or White single parent families.

Comparative Statement Black & White Single Parents:

Statistics related to black or white ladies with the age ranging 15 to 44 it has been observed that household breaking apart becomes a significant issue regarding subsequent choices of children related to child bearing, marriage.
A Racial study undertaken by Bumpass and Callahan observed that daughter of single mother get variable chances:

–  53 % chances of getting married in their teens
–  111 % chances of getting teenage deliveries.
–  164 % chance to get premarital deliveries
–  92 % chance to have self marital pertaining difficulties.

Development Behavior of Daughters of Single Parent:

The developmental behavior related to girls growing with father having died in early age results reported have difference in effects produced.

–  Black children do not react very differently when their mothers becomes widow at early age.
–  Parental household standing does not show considerably different affect irrespective of white or black female child having grown in families tend to again have a marriage after divorce.

Family Considerations:

Statistic findings prove the point while family backdrop characteristics remaining unchanged.

Bumpass and Callahan reached their conclusive findings suggesting women spending a part of her earning period within single parent circumstances stand higher likelihood of marriage prospects and have children earlier, or having children without getting married, they experience big marriage problems, which are more likely lead to divorce.

Advice Worth Considering:

Irrespective of the bearing of the racial group, a single parent becomes a hard life. Persons adjusting with the circumstances of single parent usually, go through sad feelings as if abandoned, state of confusion, guilty feeling, fearful of lonely living, and worrying all the time. Advices given below are most important to fight for getting rid of such feeling:

1)  To Forgive and forget:

If undesired feelings are kept away and do not come on surface, it shall pave way for becoming happy and no regret regarding past. If one retains anger creates high tension instead of allowing the anger to disappear. Forgetting shall help to be more adjusting and this will create situation of keeping you on right track and ultimately more chances of finding relationship. Moreover relation of your children shall remain intact.

2)  Establish Attachments in Social Organization:
Making new relations of Uncles or Aunts present in society or communities creates companionship of children and parent finding companionship with neighbors. This creates among children good understanding thus making new relations and this all is useful in forgetting bad experiences caused by divorce of parent.

3)  Feeling Satisfactory Achievement:

Small Work assigned and it’s getting completed marks feeling the sensation of achievement. With more responsibilities provided, establishes broad outlook. It is because of a reality of set goals getting accomplished and providing assistance in domestic work. Child begins to feel him as a necessary part of family.

4)  Taking Responsibilities:

Prior to responsibilities in respect of care for household were divided by two persons. At present the entire work is done for entire household by one person. Shouldering responsibility makes available authority to single parent who needs to be more responsible for arriving at decisions and management of household.  Besides parent may ask help from children to make decisions regarding the item essentially required in kitchen.

5)  Sticking on Old Practices:

Children require stable feeling of their routines after distressing feeling associated with divorce. Practices of dinner outside on Wednesdays or parent bringing child after school finishes each Friday need to be maintained. Thus, child feels besides parents are divorced, better old practices are even now being adhered to.

6)  Varieties of Experiences:

Because child presently moves between separated mother and father, capacity of child to perceive life management broadly. Child becomes highly capable to accept and feel realties happening n his surroundings thus accepting reality that universe has its ills short of perfection.