Financial Aid For Single Parents

Single Parents & Perfection:

A person may be thinking, the single parent possibly can do all, that needs to be done totally by own efforts. One feels that one has all the stuff needed for becoming perfect single parent.

Optimistically, perhaps you can not be the type of person, who assumes single parents are descendents to Super Stars facing all type conceivable of difficulties perfectly well as on silver screen. If you are, you shall find you busy at all fronts with various activities showing your children you can make a perfect family winning over all the problems in an instant and manage all its activity yourself without any support.

Have you ever thought, perhaps this relates to relations building involving your children. Absolutely primarily on face of it is based on relations activity, but would you be doing perfectly as required without any monetary aid.

The World of Complications:

Monetary complications do arise when a family member is ready for acquiring college education. This situation is such without financial support is cannot be managed.

Specific policies are involved pertaining to monetary help to single parents and the policies drafted are full of confusions. Information given here is aimed at simplifying them for benefit of concerned single parent.

For your information a Custodial parent means a person, with whose financial support child student lived for maximum time in twelve month period, which is already over.

In a situation, if student declares he or she did not live with particular parent greater than other parent, in that case a parent having supported maximum financially in previous twelve month period, then this parent is eligible to complete and submit the FASFA.

A more complex situation encountered, when student lived with both parents equally and each parent supported child financially by equal amounts, in that case person claiming student with Income Tax is eligible, but a fact for keeping in mind any amount you received from the non-custodial parent is mentioned in FASFA submitted by you.

Free Application for Student Aid:

The Term FAFSA, which has appeared many times in this write up is alternate abbreviated name pertaining to ‘Free Application for Federal Student Aid’. All details about acronym ‘FAFSA’ has been explained well.

Federal Government is not considering earnings or wealth of non-custodial parent in order to determine the financial requirement for student.

Other applicable further information is that majority of privately run colleges do consider wealth and earnings of  non-custodial parent, although the fact is that such a parent is not willing to contribute to the college expenses involved in this particular student.

Such colleges require supplemental financial aid form duly filled and submitted by non-custodial parent. Such monetary help form affects awarding financial support of school, which does not have any bearing on federal or state Governments.

Private Colleges Additional Documentation:

Some special instances in which the some of privately run colleges shall waive off requirement from non-custodial parent. Prescribed criteria is to be fulfilled for eligibility to such a concession

Criteria are based on fact that there are no known whereabouts of non-custodial parent, where he can be contacted. It can be inferred from such information about non custodial parent having never provided any financial contribution. It can also be deduced that non custodial parent was never regular in making child education payment.

In a situation, where separation of  single parent took place long back, it is quite alright to consider, that non custodial parent did not contributed any payment towards child’s education support.

Moreover the non-custodial parent had been a habitually neglecting or abusing child or parent. Court documents shall support as necessary documentation to satisfy the above criteria. All requirements need support by documentary evidence to get the waiver.