Govt Grant For Single Parents

Single Parents a Massive Presence:

Single parent numbers are on a fast growth track, not only in US alone, the same trend is found in all the countries alike.

Bringing up children single handedly has always been a very difficult job. This factor is responsible to make a single parent’s job very troublesome requiring full of devotion and accountability, which requires the person to be courageous, always sticking to the planned activity and only dependable persons, can think of accepting it and achieve success worth it.

Monetary Benefits & Single parents:

Government awards Monetary benefits to those single parent, where, there is evidence to support that she is in very critically need of such a support. US Laws recognize it is very difficult and compelling situation and single parent’s obligations require monetary benefits to meet the expenditure involved. Keeping in view their obligations monetary benefits are awarded for benefit of single parents. Thus the difficulties faced get reduced to some extent and make their living comfortable.

The Government monetary benefits single parents get, which are given for general public, more specifically deprived single parent.

Application can be prepared by single parent seeking monetary benefits. He/she is required to get application form local city hall nearby city hall. Form needs to be truly filled in a clear manner, the information so submitted is required Ta verification shall be used for approval of the monetary aid application.

The Road Blocks in Monetary Benefits:

Single parents need to be assured that there are funds to help them and is available to all single parents, but there are certain established criteria and norms to prove the eligibility of single parent to ensure protection of funds reaching hands of persons not eligible and disrepute greedy people.

It is to be noted that financial aid shall not meant for single parent drawing substantial wages and other compensatory amounts, which are adequate to live in comfort and luxury and also enough to provide support to child/children.

Eligibility Criteria:

Becoming eligible for monetary benefits provided by government for single parent, the utmost importance is that single parent, over and above other criteria is divorced, the second situation of monetary benefits the other comprising mother or father is dead, or has sustained grave injuries and is having disabling handicap.

Assumptions for Making Monetary Benefits Available:

The principle behind assumption of the Government and planners formulating the schemes is that under these circumstances monetary benefits for child of single parent are not possible and if at all it is there it is of a poor quality, therefore requiring Government to play their role of monetary support.

Practical Situations:

The other situation finds priority support is in respect single parents, who have abandoned child more than one year ago during the last year. The period of abandonment can be verified. When the situation is confirmed on verification that abandoning is true the eligible benefits are accorded.

In the event of other parent gets imprisoned it become a condition for getting monetary support, or a situation of child being born before the parents get married. Clearly it proves the point that child’s birth is outside legal marriage bonds.

A situation of very distressed nature is there is no identity of the parent is there, such happenings are taking place at a very fast pace.

The Children/single parents having following factors associated with them need to take a note because these are the condition, which bar any monetary help by Government.

The child becomes an eligible heir to any estate or pensioning scheme available to single parent/both parents.

Imprisonment of other parent becomes one of conditions/reason to get monetary benefits. Also monetary benefits are available to child who is born under the circumstances when parent involved is non-legitimately married, meaning child got born evidently outside wedlock.

One more compelling condition relates to a situation where child is lacking parent identification. Such cases are rising rapidly presently.

Non-Eligibility to Monetary Benefits:

Children and single parent with following condition are ineligible for submitting application to Government for securing monetary benefits.

Child acquires a bona fide right to become heir of an estate or has right to get pension benefits, or making Single parent/both parents eligible for the monetary benefits.

Single parent gets or is eligible to gets a disability pension benefits additionally, either due to disability or considering the fact there are children depending on him.

Child is looked after by foster parent, he/she gets care from daycare establishment.

Child is presently brought up and is getting support from the single parent’s
domestic or present partner. Partners bound under common-law marriage get coverage under this clause.

Single parents become eligible for getting or likely to get Public Pensions support.

Conditions for Financial Benefits Likely to be Given to Single Parent:

At the outset single parents need to feel that in single parenting monetary benefit is one aspect the other most essential aspect relates to emotional care, which has far reaching effect not substituted by any amount of financial benefits. Emotional care becomes very noble act, which can be freely given by single parent to the children without any restrictions and boundaries.