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The environment we live in today is so different from any other time. It looks like the world around us is falling apart, through neverending wars, political tyranny, environmental degradation, and what appears to be a loss of collective Self. But at the same time we feel this paradoxical, unavoidable and overwhelming urge to awaken; we are seeing it in both bits and pieces and also big chunks amid our sometimes tumultuous lives. There is a rapidly-evolving Consciousness taking over, even though it often looks bleak, hopeless, and disparaging. Our lives are being pulled in conflicting directions, but we somehow know that just as there is pain and trauma when a butterfly breaks out of its comfortable cocoon, there are growing pains, confusion, and conflict when a collective Consciousness turns another page, and we birth ourselves into another dimension of awareness.

This is what it may feel like to raise a child with holistic mentality; it may seem like you are in opposition to the world around you, constantly meeting adversity and contention. Your friends, families, co-workers and Facebook associates may not understand your choices or even consideration of choices. But you still feel in your heart that this is the way to go. You want whole children. You want a whole family. You believe in nutrition, love, respect, Nature, and the universal forces which bind us together. You do not live in fear, or do not want to any longer. You see through the deceitful lies and misinformed practices that once shaped you and do not want the same for your children. You know there has got to be something else. Well I do too. And so do many other parents, both old and new.

This is a place where you can meet like-minded parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and maybe some children too. While we may not, and likely do not, all have the same viewpoints on every issue, there is a cohesiveness that draws us together. And while intelligent debate is healthy, there are more than enough forums where you will find arbitrary argument and anger; this is not one of them. Respect yourselves, respect each other, and respect the space. We all need support in one way or another.

It’s easy for holistically-driven families to feel discouraged when questioning the highest echelons of this society, like the medical and food systems, because so many others will ferociously protect the system they are so dependent on. But that is why you have been drawn here, to connect and learn in a supportive and nurturing environment. This is a sacred space of respect, Love, and joy. There is no philosophy too radical and no question at all stupid!

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