How to Get the Most out of a Parenting Magazine

If the truth be told, a good parenting magazine can be a parent’s best friend. There are parenting magazines of all kinds and one may need to read a few of them to decide which one offers the most to you and your family. Fortunately, several parenting magazines have websites which can help you decided whether or not the parenting magazine is right for you.

You’ll want a parenting magazine that offers advice about raising children of the ages you have. Some parenting magazines primarily deal with very young children, which wouldn’t help you if you need something to help you with raising teens. Other parenting magazines don’t address issues of single parenting—an issue that affects a lot of families. Looking at the website or reading an issue can help you decide if the parenting magazine is for you.
One choice in parenting magazine is called “Parenting”. It offers a broad spectrum of parenting articles as well as columns on parenting advice of different ages of children. It is a monthly magazine and is geared for all types of parents and all ages of children.

Another parenting magazine is “Gay Parent”, which addresses issues of gay parenting. This can involve issues around adoption, single and two parent families. It can also have articles that are completely unrelated to being a gay parent. Some issues of parenting have nothing to do with being gay and can apply to all families. Even so, a gay family would get the most out of the “Gay Parent” magazine.

A parenting magazine related to Christian Parenting is called the “MomSense Newsletter”. This is a magazine specifically geared toward families with a strong Christian component. The magazine talks about raising children with Christian values and helps Christian parents raise children in the world today.

Another parenting magazine is called “Mothering”. It is designed to promote the ideals of natural parenting such as breastfeeding, avoiding commercialism in the raising of children and allowing parents the chance to raise children in the most natural environment possible. This would be a good choice of parenting magazine for mothers who home school their children.

The parenting magazine, “Wondertime” is specifically for parents of toddlers. There are very specific issues regarding the raising of toddlers. With the Wondertime magazine, parents can learn about toilet training, toddler nutrition and other issues specific to raising children of this age group.

The parenting magazine, “Interactive Dad Magazine” is a wonderful magazine that addresses the issues of fatherhood. So many parenting magazines subtly focus on mothers, while this magazine is specific to the needs of dads. It has articles about enhancing the relationships of fathers and sons, as well as fathers and daughters. This would be the perfect magazine to give away for father’s day.

Finally, the parenting magazine called “Junior” is geared toward parents raising children ages 0-8. This means that everything from newborns, diapers and baby food to discipline issues and school phobia can be covered and would be helpful to the parents who subscribe to the magazine.

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