Improve Your Child’s Behavior Problems with a New Learning Method

With the rising number of children being diagnosed with ADD many parents are faced with a difficult decision. Should I medicate my child or not? Factors you may use are how well your child is performing in school and complying with rules. What if you were informed that ADD wasn’t really a disease at all or for that matter not even proven to be something physical or biological? Would you still medicate for something that doesn’t exist?

According to Dr. Fred A. Baughman Jr., a child neurologist for over 35 years, children diagnosed with ADD and being drugged are normal and have no disease at all!

If it’s not a disease then what is causing these children to display the characteristics of ADD? According to Dr. Kyhl the real problem comes when a child hits a barrier to learning, causing a variety of mental and physical phenomena often mistaken for symptoms of learning disorders. The solution is simple, teach them how to learn!

L. Ron Hubbard recognized the problems of American education in 1938 and his methods are now used by more than 33,000 teachers in 58 countries. His book, Learning How to Learn teaches teaches the child how to think for himself.

If your child was given the much needed skill of learning how to learn he would be able to overcome learning barriers as well as challenge himself when the teachers fail to do so. As a result your child would be better behaved in the classroom and demonstrate his true academic abilities.

Don’t sit back and let your child be medicated for a disease that doesn’t exist, rather teach them how to learn! Empower them and watch their behavior improve.