Is It Safe To Drink Alcohol During Pregnancy?

It could be your habit to drink a glass of beer or wine after dinner along with your husband. Taking regular or excessive alcohol when you are carrying a baby could lead to multiple problems like delayed development, hearing problems, vision problems, low birth weight, fetal alcohol syndrome, organ deformities, kidney and urinary tract defects, brain damage, and even death.

The studies carried on with pregnant women indicate that one or two glasses of drinks like beer taken after dinner during pregnancy could cause serious consequences. Alcohol are a big “No’ when your pregnant, because they could cause fetal alcohol syndrome in the unborn baby.The more a woman drinks during pregnancy; she only raises the risk of unfortunate occurrences. So even if you are an occasional drinker, you should leave drinking once you plan to get pregnant and have a baby.

If a pregnant women drinks alcohol it will lead to a range of problems to the baby in the womb. These problems are known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and can range from subtle learning disabilities to central nervous system disorders and facial anomalies.In addition problems like ,low birth weight,delays in development ,organ dysfunction ,facial abnormalities like smaller eye openings, flattened cheekbones, and underdeveloped groove between the nose and the upper lip ,behavioral problems like hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, stubbornness, impulsiveness, poor memory, poor language comprehension could be other disorders.

You sure must have placed your glass of alcoholic drink down to savor a glass of fresh orange juice that is good for you and your child in the womb.