Our Youth in the Spotlight: Showcase #3

Today was round three with my 13yr old as she encountered yet another allergic reaction to over-the-counter cold remedies and day two spent at the local urgent care facility waiting for the doctor to say she would be fine. While we sat waiting in the lobby other parents entered with their sick children, some who looked more miserable than you could imagine.

One little boy was there to entertain us all during our long, but necessary wait. He was a 2yr old, high spirited boy that wasn’t letting his sickness bring him down. He sat patiently with his mom pointing around the room, “What’s that?” “What’s that?” “Who’s that?” and mom answered each question, every time.

Then his little body was done sitting, sick or not, he was ready to meet everyone in the room. He walked from one chair to the next and asked, “mommy, who’s that?” and mommy answered each question with, “that’s a boy, or girl, or man, or woman,” depending one which it was.

It isn’t this typical ask and answer session between mom and the two year old that caught my attention and seemed worthy of a showcase, rather it was this 2yr old’s concern for each person in the room. One gentleman walked in and sat across the room, looking down as he rubbed his forehead. The boy says, “mommy, what happened to him?” Mommy said, “he’s sick” and the boy said “owie.” He noticed a lady sagging in her chair and again asked what was wrong and responded with sympathy.

When my little lady laid across the chairs to rest he approached her to gently rub her back after asking his mommy what happened to her? This little boy was sitting in the waiting room of our local urgent care because he was sick himself, and had been experiencing chest pain earlier that day, but he was determined to “care” for everyone else in the room. Our own 2yr old angel.

Thank you Nathan for caring so much about those around you, and thank you mommy for helping him to care.