Pendleton Blankets as Gifts

There are all kinds of varieties of Pendleton blankets from which you can choose, any of which would be a great addition to your home. There are also Pendleton jackets, bags, throws, etc., so your options are never limited. If you’re interested in Indian blankets, Pendleton is absolutely the way to go.

Many Pendleton blankets are particularly true to the Native American tradition, which I like. I find their patterns are more engaging than other throws, wraps, shawls, etc., and complement any room. We went for a Pendleton as the blanket on our bed, and it gives the room a very unique look and feel.

Pendleton blankets, shawls, wraps, etc. make fantastic gifts. They are in fact my go-to gift when I’m not sure what to buy. I think an especially creative choice is a baby blanket, which is sure to be unlike any other the family will receive.

I find the patterns of Pendleton blankets also look great on clothing, such as wraps, jackets, etc. I have several items of clothing from their lines, and just love wearing them around town. I rarely see other people in the same thing, and often get stopped on the street by people who simply love the pattern and want to know where I got it.

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