Preparing For life With A Newborn

A mother can never be completely prepared for the life with a newborn. After she goes through the whole journey, she invariable looks back and wishes that she knew about those certain things at that time, that she is aware of now.

Following are some of the things which every mother should know before the arrival of the newborn.

You should clean and organize the house before the babies is brought home. That way, you can get the required rest and not be stressed about putting things in their order.

You and your partner should discus beforehand regarding the chores that he will take over so that you don’t get pressured with both the baby and the household chores.

You should discus the arrival of the new child with the elder child while being pregnant. In that way they wouldn’t have to deal with a sulky older sibling later.

You should know the proper breastfeeding techniques especially about latching beforehand. Also the guidelines of breast care, so that you can handle cases like sore breasts, cracked nipples etc. well.

You should know the proper ways of bonding with the baby so that you can avoid the feeling of guilt which will rise due to the lack of instant attachment to the baby. You should not take the bonding process for granted without realizing the effort that goes behind it.

You can ask your friends and relatives to make their visits numbered so that you can cherish the company of new baby.

You should take care of other priorities like bills, taxes, subscriptions etc. beforehand or at least put someone else in charge of it as with the new baby, the top priority’s change.

You should be aware of the erratic sleep patterns of the newborn so you can plan beforehand to ask a friend or relative to come over for the first few days so that you are able catch up some sleep.

You should know about the emotional ups and downs a new mom will feel [clinically termed postpartum depression] post delivery; but these feelings of depression are normal and it passes away, so that you and your partner can effectively deal with it.

You should be aware of the proper feeding rules so that you can avoid the gastronomical problems that the baby will face later.

You can join a mother’s group, where new mom’s share their experiences and solve each other’s problems. Which will help you get some support.

You should know the meaning of the different cries of the baby so in that way you can act in a much smarter way.

The list could go on. The bottom-line is that life with a newborn is something one has to experience in order to learn the ropes. Either way, it is always the most cherished moment in the mother’s life.