Protect Your Family from Harmful EMF Exposure with Y Shield

Australia, July 12, 2013: Mobile phones and electronic equipments have become a part of our daily life but have you ever imagined the harm, which is being caused to our health and body due to the usage of these equipments. You are moving a step closer to your death as electromagnetic radiation causes brain cancer. However, you can easily stay safe and protected with Y Shield, which produces shielding systems for your health and well being. It is necessary to think about your family and future prior risking your life on high usage of mobile phones and the harmful radiations, which get emitted from the phone towers Wi –Fi Bluetooth, electricity sub stations, meter boxes and power lines. An awareness and emphasis on the protection of radiation is an important priority so that even after using these devices you can yet remain safe and secured. Y Shield understands the benefits of phone radiation and therefore has created protections, which are ideal for homes and buildings. All the products are carefully tested and certified by the microwave laboratory of the University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Munich, Germany.

Phone radiation protection needs to be handled to remain safe from the brain cancer. Y Shield offers shielding systems including electro conductive coatings and paints, which help in detecting, measuring and providing protection from EMF. If you are in search of a product, which is corrosion resistant, durable and environmentally safe, then definitely Y Shield can prove to be the perfect alternative. Home or workplace, industry, science and R&D, medicine, electronics radiation can easily affect any place and hence with the help of proper shielding technology you can prevent yourself from the severe consequences of electromagnetic radiation. The EMI shielding proves to be ideal for a wide range of applications for protecting people and equipments against EMR.

About the Company: Located in Victoria, Australia Y Shield is engaged in developing revolutionary products and solutions for EMF protection. You can also visit the website in order to enquire about the protection or can place your online order as well for required product. Shielding paints, shielding fabrics, EMR meters, shielding canopies, shielding films, low radiation mobile handset can definitely assist in reducing the harms caused by radiation. All the products offered by Y Shield are extremely affordable and ensure that your exposure to the electromagnetism is minimized. You can even book an expert visit to your place in order to determine the level of level of protection from EMF. The duration of the survey varies depending upon the size of the building and you can be rest assured that your loved ones are prevented from any fatal consequences.

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