Single Parent Spreading Widely

During the last twenty five years single parent as a concept is very commonly found in society, incidence of single parents is increasing every year. Traditional family concentrations are being split into new individual family establishments.

Single parenthood becomes an identity out of three types of happenings i.e. a divorce, dying of husband or wife and early age pregnancy episode.

Living together without legal matrimonial ties has become very common. This has virtually no effect as far as actual parent status is concerned for the purpose of statistics.

During the last twenty years single parent families units have doubled. The US statistics reveal a fact i.e. at least one time, almost 59 % children in their life spend in single parent set up. There are 20 million single parent children in US. In other words 28 % such children stay accompanying single parent and 84 % stay in company of mother.

The Statistic Juglary:

Family managed under a woman pose a great risk, because woman’s community status is very weak as compared to man. Single mother need to manage with present sex based shortcomings for creating an earning potential besides bearing with highly challenging family life.

The statistics further deplore the single mothers condition, with 53.3 % are working in US labor force, 28 % single parent is facing poverty as compared to only 5.5 % both parent families set ups.

The basic reason being, that the average earning of woman single parent is $25,500. It represents 50 percent of average income for all the families. It is less than 50 percent of incomes from two parent couple family, which is put at 1969 figures as $39,800.

If it is further compared with male single parent 13.3 % families occupies poverty status, which again looks lesser than single mothers and stands at two times poverty rate, in regard to two parent family.

Single Parents Social Benefits Controversy:

A policy proposal is there concerning single parent becoming entitled for social benefits, which has become controversial. As per the liberals views if a person chooses for having children, such parent holds the responsibility to see how they are looked after.

On the other hand in the European continent the collective dominating views point out that children welfare is peoples business also. They further hold that interest of children is greater than other issues of morality concerning parents of these children.

Mental & Behavior Problems of Single Parent Children:

Besides these factual realities, single parents get forced to real situation that children living in company of single parent, or step parent bear with the losing prospects of inadequate mental development, behavior deficiencies, education and healthy life considerations.

Another draw back associated with single parent is their drop out incidence from school is one and half times more than normal children and they have to be working during beginning of teen age to contribute to the family income. There are great many chances that children of single parents have their children prior to achieving twenty year age a variation from two parent family.

The Psychologists and agencies promoting child welfare programs express their views that the above quoted studies are not reflecting the real complications, hence does not hold validity in the present times.

The prime factors playing their adverse role in the case of single parent are due to lack of co-operation among divorcing parent in respect of their children and missing of quality attention, which the child requires in tender age.

Single Parent Children Sufferings:

The child is not born in single parent set up affecting exposures to rigors of wrong adjusted life. The single parent should create a model in place ensuring self dignity better nurturing of the affected children through supportive institution in existence to take care of such issues.

The studies further point out that children of single parents achieve poor academic results with weak intellectual build up as compared to children belonging to both parent couples.

The Role of Grand Parents of Single Parent Children:

The study in College of Human Ecology at Cornell University suggests a support system comprising of existence of Grand Parent in the set up, which can neutralize to some extent negative effects. It has been observed that in single parent homes where there is a grand parent the children achieve academic results at par with the married couple children.

These results further establish staying in the two parent family, does not become the only place, where children can flourish in their academic, psychological and intellectual development.