Single Parenting-Single Disciplinarian

Among issues of parenting, single parenting is one of the more difficult to deal with. In no other situation is single parenting so difficult than that of being the disciplinarian. This occurs early in the child’s life and lasts until they are teenagers. Having only one who disciplines in the family is hard. For example, if the toddler misbehaves, no one else is there besides the one parent to ask the child to behave. It is far less effective to have one parent disciplining the child than it is to have two parents. A single parent tires out and can’t always keep up with what is necessary to keep the discipline going.

In parenting, single parenting of grade school children can become overwhelming. The child has never learned to cooperate with the discipline of the single parent and a child of this age can be a terror to control. He or she may find it difficult to listen to teachers or other people in authority. The child can get in trouble in school because of his or her inability to take discipline from adults. The parent can easily become blamed for the child’s behavior.

A difficult aspect of parenting, single parents who are raising teenagers have a particularly difficult time. Teens of single parents can spend much of their time trying to outwit the single parent. A single parent can’t often keep up with the behaviors of their teens and the teens often get away with more than they would if there was a two parent family. Single parents often need to befriend other single parents of teens to get the kind of help they need to be effective parents.

In order to help parenting, single parents need a plan of action as to how they would discipline their child from an early age. They need to be firm in their efforts to discipline the child and they need to try not to give in when the child begs or persists in bad behavior. It is very difficult to do for a single parent, but when started early in life, it can make a difference in the behavior of their child for a long time. As the child ages, the single parent needs to continue staying solid and assuring that there are consequences for unacceptable behavior. Their work as a parent goes into full gear. This means being alert to changes in behavior and having a system that works when the teen fails to follow the rules.

To maximize skills in parenting, single parents would do well to try and sign up for parenting classes designed to help single parents succeed. Such classes will most definitely touch on the issue of discipline and will talk about ways you can get your child to behave. Some choices include using stickers for good behavior, having a token economy, having a demerit system for teens who misbehave and using time out or taking away privileges. These methods can all ensure good behavior without resorting to physical punishment.

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