Special Instructions for the Custodial Parent

It is important to document all changes associated with the non-custodial parent’s whereabouts, including addresses, telephone numbers, name changes and aliases, changes in employment, etc. Maintain a recent photo of the non-custodial parent (if possible), and bear in mind there are numerous variables that determine whether or not child support is received, in other words, many hands will have a direct affect on how quickly you receive your child support. The more information you can supply the better. Unfortunately, even that does not guarantee you will receive child support in a timely manner, particularly if the non-custodial parent is not paying into the system.


Always ask the name and title of the person you are speaking with concerning your child support case
Always document the date and time you speak with Child Support Enforcement staff
During the initial application process maintain contact either by phone, fax, or email with your assigned worker
If you have not heard from the Child Support Enforcement staff in 30 days, write, fax, and/or email an inquiry
Contact the Child Support Enformcement staff every 30 days until your child support begins
Once your child support begins, keep a record of the checks you receive and keep all check stubs
Attend all court dates and Child Support Enforcement appointments scheduled and always take your completed recordbook with you so important information is at your fingertips
Tell the Child Support Enforcement agency that you don’t want your information given or sold to any other agency and/or organization

I used to worry about annoying the Child Support Enforcement staff assigned to my case, however, if I had not written load of letters, called continuously, and maintained good records, I probably would not have received anything. The old saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil” is absolutely ture!