Uninvolved Parenting

The Uninvolved Parenting Style


These folks are really checked out from their kids, being generally unresponsive to their children and, unlike authoritarian parenting, they set few limitations or boundaries for their kids. I say that they aren’t really present in their role. Others call this style indifferent or even neglectful, since often the children’s needs may go without being met.
This might come across as being too busy for their kids, and certainly the children eventually may feel this from their parents.

Because few limitations are set, kids that grow up under this poor parenting can tend to have low self esteem and lack accomplishment. Some say that, of all of the types of parenting styles, this one might be the most harmful to children long-term. Dr. Maryann Rosenthal, a clinical family psychologist and best selling author states that this type of parent can “sow a lifetime of havoc by their indifference or inability to deal with their children.”

Personally, I don’t see as much of this. But I do know a couple that seems that they can’t be bothered by their children’s needs; it’s just too much effort. I’m not sure if they just got tired of trying with their kids and eventually checked out, or if they just became too self-absorbed. I wonder why these folks had children to begin with because, in many ways, these kids end up being helpless victims to the treatment (or lack of treatment) of their parents.